At the recently held Green Innovations Summit 2023, the NDFD generously disbursed over twenty thousand dollars in the form of both cash and support services to those taking part in the event. It was held from the 7th-10th of June 2023 in the NDFD conference room.

Over the course of the event, experienced trainers from the NDFD provided lessons on topics such as environmental impact, sustainability, innovativeness, business structure, and marketing. The NDFD Green Program aims to help Green entrepreneurs hone their talents and develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to achieve personal goals and professional success. 

This program also dispenses Green loans to homeowners, small business owners, fisherfolk, and farmers to help them further their business ideas and give back to the environment. Together, NDFD hopes to fulfil its mission of contributing to human resource development through business advisory services and training.

Ten entrepreneurs were chosen to participate in the Summit, from a pool of over 200 registrations. They were Compton Betrand, Terri Henry, Deania Laudat, Lana Athanaze, Rachel Shillingford, Rachel Williams, Dafa Armour Shillingford, Misana Harris, Cornelia Auguiste and Kamisha Dominique. These ten competition finalists shared their aspirations, which included launching social and environmental change initiatives, as well as providing insights to the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Racheal Shillingford, owner of Herbal Harmonizers was selected as the winner of the Summit and was awarded in cash and assistance.

Terri Henry and Misana Harris achieved second and third place respectively. Racheal said her experience at the summit will help build the foundation for her future business ventures and the positive environmental impact she hopes to have. “They felt like family, I learned things that I never knew before, and I’m going to implement it in my business. I’m definitely sticking to green!” She said while happily brandishing her winners plaque.

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