4Ts charity brings Christmas joy to Mandeville’s homeless

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — The Manchester-based 4Ts organisation has continued its efforts to assist those in need, especially homeless individuals, with its recent Christmas project in Mandeville.

Founder of 4Ts Crystal Scale said the charitable move fed over 30 people.

“We went around the town of Mandeville and its environs looking for homeless individuals. We found 36 people and we gave them boxed meals and juice. This year’s project was spearheaded by our team member Victoria Cole,” said Scale.

She said care packages were also distributed to indigent families.

The former Miss Manchester Festival Queen said 4Ts now has 18 members.

She added that 4Ts (Transforming Trash To Treasure) was formed in 2018 and was focused on upcycling waste to useful products.

“The aim of 4Ts has changed over the years, but presently we aim to continue to advocate for environmental protection and awareness as well as social outreach through spreading awareness of the issue and being examples of the solution as well as to provide and facilitate spaces and opportunities for young people to attain wisdom to positively contribute to society,” she said.

Scale said her passion to form the organisation came from watching her mother assist those in need.

“I started 4Ts, because of a combination of different things. Growing up, assisting others is a lifestyle that my mother exemplified, it was simple things like Sunday dinner. She cooked extra to give away or gave away her own meal just to make sure that somebody who came by could get something to eat,” Scale said.

“I saw the hope in other people’s eyes. I saw their joy and I really wanted to bring joy to people to help them in some way no matter how small it was and I always wanted to do charity,” she added.

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