Accused in ‘Slickianna’ murder case remanded

MONTEGO BAY, St James — Despite his lawyer’s plea that imprisonment is taking a toll on him and his relatives, the security guard accused of involvement in the murder of social media influencer Aneka “Slickianna” Townsend was once again remanded when he appeared in court on Wednesday. So, too, was co-accused Rushawn Patterson.

Rohan “Early B” Rose, a 47-year-old security guard is charged with misprision of a felony. This means he is accused of knowing about the matter but failed to notify the authorities. Patterson is charged with murder. Both men appeared separately before the St James Circuit Court and both have different dates to return to court. Patterson’s bail hearing has been set for December 15 while Rose’s is November 28.

On Wednesday, while Martin Thomas wanted the court to immediately hear his client’s bail application, the crown indicated that it was not ready. The court was told that they were still trying to obtain vital pieces of information, such as Rose’s address.

Thomas argued that his client has been in custody since November 4, has appeared in court on three occasions after being charged, and it had been made known that a bail application would be made.

He tried to sway the court by outlining the impact his client’s imprisonment is having on those who depend on him for support.

“At the time he was arrested he was working as a supervisor at Guardsman, a position which he has held for the past nine years. He is an ex-soldier. He has since lost his job. He is taking care of a lady who is 75 years old. He has young children, one of whom is six years old, who is dependent on him for support,” stated Thomas, who maintained that lives have been ruined.

He also dismissed the prosecution’s argument that it needed more time to determine where Rose lives, arguing that three weeks had been more than enough time for them to access that information.

Rose and Patterson are before the court in connection with the October 20 death of Townsend.

According to the timeline laid out by the police, that was the day she travelled from Kingston to Montego Bay. She was seen with Patterson at a Hanover restaurant and a guest house in St James.

“At some point during the night an argument developed between them, which resulted in Patterson strangling… Townsend and disposing of her body,” said the police in a statement announcing that both men would be charged.

On October 21 Townsend’s scantily clad body was retrieved from the sea in Reading, between St James and Hanover.

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