Accused: my only crime was working in the nightclub

He did not kill anyone, murder accused Lawrence Anderson Mullin said yesterday.

The only “crime” he was guilty of, he added, was being a Muslim who was working in a nightclub where there were women, dancing and music.

“I didn’t have no reason to kill anyone. I didn’t kill anyone.

“The only thing I did wrong is I’m a Muslim, and I’m ashamed of what I did because I should never be working at Old Jamm Inn, a nightclub where there is music and women and dancing and alcohol. And having a relationship with a lady as a Muslim, I should be married. That was the only thing I did wrong. That is my story. I got no reason to harm anyone and I am peaceful, loving man,” he told the court.

Mullin, a 63-year-old bar-back, of Harts Gap, Christ Church, is accused of murdering 56-year-old Laura Springer sometime between March 18 and 19, 2018. (HLE)

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