All set for 15th population and housing census

ALL is in place for the island’s 15th population and housing census for which data gathering officially begins Tuesday.

The national census, which is carried out every 10 years, should have been executed in 2021 but was delayed by a year because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Today, Monday September 12, dubbed Census Day, is the reference point for the exercise which will see census takers counting people in their homes, correctional institutions, children’s homes, infirmaries, boarding schools, universities, hotels, military camps, hospitals providing specialised care, and on the streets.

According to Statin, individuals will receive questionnaires to complete concerning age, sex, ethnic origin, marital status, education, physical and mental limitations, training, economic background, fertility, and transportation, among other details.

Information to be collected will also include the types of houses occupied by individuals, the material of the outer wall, roofing, number of rooms, the tenure of land, rent, waste disposal, the source of water for domestic use, as well as the availability and type of kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities.

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