Bajan boxer’s 3-2 decision overturned at World Championships

BARBADOS’ elite boxer Jabali Breedy was unlucky in his second-round match of the 2023 International Boxing Association (IBA) World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan after a 3-2 decision in his favour was reviewed and the fight awarded to his opponent Martin Molina of Spain.

The 26-year-old Breedy featured in the 51 pkg category on Sunday and impressed the judges during the three, three-minute rounds.

However, he was subsequently denied the win after the decision was taken by an observer to reverse the initial decision made by a judging panel of five.

Barbadian coach Laurence Hunte, who is with Breedy at the championships, expressed his disappointment and said that the review system needs to be re-looked.

“Jabali would have convinced three of those five judges that he was the winner. Now what happens is that there is an automatic review. In the past you could have protested the results, but now they stopped allowing protests,” Hunte told NATION SPORT.

“They came up with this decision that once there are three judges to two, they would go into an automatic review where, quote on quote, another observer would actually step in and determine the winner.

“In this particular instance that is what happened and that person awarded it to Spain. And we are not allowed to protest because that is not part of the system,” Hunte explained. ( ML)