Better parenting skills help prevent criminal behaviour – Kasia Kerr

executive officer of the National P
arenting Support Commission (NPSC) Kaysia Kerr is contending that effective parenting is a deterrent to criminal activities in society.

Citing data from the Social Development Commission (SDC), Kerr said it was determined that ineffective parenting is one of the key drivers of crime.

She emphasised the importance of good parenting practices in correcting antisocial behaviours in the society, saying: “We believe that when we solve the issues that relate to parenting in Jamaica, we would have inadvertently solved many of the maladaptive behaviours that we see.”

Kerr was addressing the launch of National Parents Month on Wednesday, November 1 at the ATL Automotive Group, Oxford Road in Kingston.

Meanwhile, Kerr advised that the NPSC will be engaging with parents islandwide to equip them with effective techniques to guide children towards healthy outcomes.

“Once parents are empowered, once they are given enough information and are supported to understand the information and apply it in their practice of parenting, then they will be more effective in their practice,” she pointed out.

National Parents Month is observed annually during November under the auspices of the NPSC. This year’s theme is ‘Participation for Purpose’.

Throughout the month, the agency will be hosting parenting education training programmes that emphasise the need to instil strong values in children in the home environment.

Individuals will also be encouraged to enrol in classes hosted by the commission to build their parenting knowledge and skills.

The NPSC will also be placing greater emphasis on parental involvement in school as a critical component of their children’s academic success.

Kerr added these activities will better equip people with the requisite effective parenting skills.

“We believe that when parents are skilled, when they have good information, when they are supported…then their skill sets will improve and they will be more effective in their practice,” she suggested.

— JIS News