Bill ‘must cover’ MPs, Senators

Members of the House of Assembly and the Senate cannot be excluded from the list of public people included in the Integrity in Public Life Bill, 2023 as they can affect or change Government policy.

So said Senator Lisa Cummins, Minister of Energy and Business Development, as she lead off the debate on the bill yesterday.

Cummins, who is also Leader of Government Business, was watched by students from the Hugh Wooding Law School, former senators and members of the Integrity Group of Barbados.

Stating the Government of Barbados has undertaken a massive role to treat to integrity in public life, she noted: “The Government has passed many bills and acts over a period since 2018, such as the Public Procurement Act, the anti-corruption legislation and so forth. There is a suite of legislations that is not a magic bullet on its own but they must all be taken together alongside this piece of legislation that today we are now debating. . .” (NS)