BL&P: Ready to act

The Barbados Light and Power is reporting readiness in anticipation of Barbados’ brush with Tropical Storm Tammy.

Johann Greaves (GP)

During a virtual press conference hosted by the utility company yesterday, Director of Operations, Johann Greaves, said they have activated their response plans to deal with any outages caused by the weather system. He also told members of the media he did not anticipate a manual shutdown of the grid as the current strength of the system did not necessitate the triggering of this failsafe.

“We have activated all of our response plans and procedures to prepare for the response to any impacts that we may have over the next few hours to days. At this point in time, all of our teams have been fully briefed and then they have already started to pre-position a number of items that we would normally use in our response following the impact of any system,” Greaves explained.

However, he reminded Barbadians there could be power restoration challenges if there was an island-wide outage due to the “instability” that photovoltaic systems bring to the grid. (CLM)