BWP Dominica Salute to Women 2023

Yes, Yes Yes, BPW Dominica is doing wonderful things this year, follow our page as we prepare to Salute 30 Women, yes 30 Women from across Dominica and the Diaspora, yes 30 women.

20 women from Dominica, and 10 Dominicans living across the Region and diaspora, stay tuned as we Salute our women, women empowering women, women building women, women honoring women, women uplifting women.  

The 6-part series begins this Thursday the 11th of May 2023, where we will feature the first 5 women, and every other week we will feature 5 women.  The grand event takes place on the 30th of July 2023 at Intercontinental Cabrits Resort and Spa.  

Follow our page as we highlight significant women who have made contributions in various sectors of society, their personal lives, and community development, among others.

Support women, give them their roses while they are alive, join us this Thursday as we showcase these women, and invite your friends, family, and neighbors, in and out of Dominica to view this live broadcast. Seeeeeeee you thereeeeeeeeeeee.

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