Cadence-Lypso Grand Jubilee Celebrations Officially Launched

2023 will mark fifty years of Cadence Lypso from 1973- 2023. Cadence Lypso enthusiasts in Dominica intend to celebrate the occasion in grand style with a Cadence-Lypso Golden Jubilee and Gospel Festival from August 4- August 7, 2023.

Gordon Henderson of Exile One, who is usually referred to as the godfather of Cadence Lypso, said that Cadence Lypso is the foundation of modern Caribbean music and that he will soon launch his documentary demonstrating that fact. He said this musical genre began in 1973 with Exile One in Guadeloupe.

He said further, “As we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary, I’d like to take the opportunity to pay tribute to a number of artists, musicians, dj’s, radio stations, producers, institutions and so many people and organizations who contributed in making the Cadence-Lypso movement of the seventies and perpetuating Cadence-Lypso as the foundation or cornerstone of modern Caribbean music”.

The festival will feature a mass choir with more than 100 members who will form part of the newly added Gospel section of the festival. The choir has performed throughout various French islands and will be in Dominica for a free concert.

Other acts include renowned bassist of Kassav and Volt Face, Georges Decimus , Jean Marc Ferdinand, La Bande A Mano along many local bands such as Midnight Groovers , Extasy, and many local artists. Patrons can also look out for the Ladies of Cadence featuring various local female artists on Sunday night.

The festival is being sponsored by Creole Heartbeat in collaboration with Gohen Global, Spektak TV, Zouk TV and many other local sponsors.The festival will be held at the Windsor Park Stadium Forecourt.

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