AACARI and INRAE are organising a week of workshops around the Living Lab of the Commonwealth of Dominica, on the theme of : “Climate-smart agriculture and water management

One of the objectives of the CambioNet project in the Commonwealth of Dominica is to accelerate innovation in the agricultural sector by supporting local players using the Living Lab approach.

Farmers, agro-processors and all agricultural institutions are invited to find out more about the Living Lab approach being implemented with representatives of the AACARI network throughout the Dominican Republic.

This approach, initiated simultaneously in various Caribbean/Amazonian countries, is innovative in the agricultural sector of our countries and territories.

As part of the Interreg CambioNet project, the Commonwealth of Dominica has been chosen as the focal point for the OECS zone, with the aim of developing methodologies that can be disseminated throughout the Caribbean islands, and thus relay promising innovations implemented on farms on a large scale.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is contributing more specifically to the adaptation of agricultural activity to climate change by focusing on the management of water resources.

Particular attention is paid to contextual analysis, in particular with the players involved in implementing public policies, taking account of the structural characteristics of the region’s agricultural activity and the resulting dynamics. The methodologies developed therefore draw on the thinking and expertise of those involved in the production and/or marketing of agricultural products in a context of agro-ecological transition for our farming systems.

The CambioNet project is also interested in individual innovative initiatives that contribute to the transition and economic development of our territories.  To this end, on 21 August, the project partners launched a call for expressions of interest, the “CambioNet StartUps Challenge”, which aims to boost start-up projects in the fields of agroecology and the bioeconomy. The deadline for applications is 9 September 2023.

More information on the project website: CambioNET – Startup Challenge (

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