Caribbean quotes for 2023

“Nuh matter if you thief, or if you dread, or if yuh have a crown ‘pon yuh head, nuh matter if you have no heart at all, Jesus bring love for one and all.” – Ernie Smith, Jamaican reggae musician

“Our region must take urgent collective action to address issues such as crime, food and nutrition security, air connectivity, human capital formation and digital transformation.” – Timothy Antoine, governor, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

“As we embark on an exciting year of new adventures and milestones, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our loyal guests and supporters for your unwavering commitment and passion for all things Sandals. Thank you for being with us on this incredible journey. We look forward to seeing you in our sweet Caribbean soon.” – Adam Stewart, executive chairman, Sandals Resorts International

“We are extremely pleased to welcome the inaugural flight by Spirit from Connecticut to Jamaica, providing us with further reach into the key northeastern US. The expansion of our partnership with Spirit Airlines is a welcome addition to our airlift arrangements as we continue our drive to further boost the flow of visitors to Jamaica through the addition of new gateways and greater seat support.” – Edmund Bartlett, minister of tourism, Jamaica

“IT is the youth who will bear the responsibility of carrying the integration movement beyond the next 50 years as there is still much to be done to consolidate and advance the process as we build on our achievements over the past five decades. As we enjoy this holiday season, we can reflect on our accomplishments and look towards increasing our efforts to provide the viable and prosperous community for all that we desire.” – Dr Carla Barnett, secretary-general, the Caribbean Community (Caricom)

“Not everyone is the same, and the Chamber believes that the vast spectrum of different talents possessed by our young people should equate with a much wider range of career opportunities. The first step to those opportunities is making young people aware they exist. VoTech Stars will allow other Caymanians to pursue different pathways which will help to diversify careers in the Cayman Islands ecosystem.” – Shomari Scott, president, Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

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