Caribbean’s ‘first sea kayaking route’ graces NatGeo’s The Cool List 2024

Dominica’s Waitukubuli Sea Trail made it to National Geographic’s The Cool List.

The Caribbean’s Nature Isle is the only country in the region to have nabbed a spot in the magazine’s picks for the top 30 countries to visit in 2024.

The Cool List 2024 represents the editorial team’s picks for destinations poised to grab headlines in the coming year. Ranging from havens for wildlife and urban getaways to off-grid retreats and cultural treasures, it highlights top global locations where tourism positively impacts both communities and the environment, benefiting visitors and locals alike.

The Waitukubuli Sea Trail is considered the Caribbean’s first dedicated sea kayaking route—stretches nearly 40 miles along the west coast.

The trail encompasses 14 stages, featuring sculpted cliffs, quaint fishing villages, secluded beaches, and enticing snorkeling spots.

Strategically placed rest stops cater to overnight stays. Local outfitters provide equipment rentals for experienced sea kayakers and organize guided multi-day expeditions for beginners.

Named after the island in the language of the Indigenous Kalinago people, ‘Waitukubuli’ complements the 115-mile Waitukubuli National Trail, established over a decade ago as the Caribbean’s longest hiking route. This trail played a pivotal role in shaping Dominica’s reputation as a nature-centric destination.

It’s no wonder that both of these trails hail from Dominica, an island that stands out in the Caribbean for its untamed interior, often overshadowed by coastal attractions. The Waitukubuli Sea Trail and the Waitukubuli National Trail align with the island’s commitment to adventure and sustainable tourism.

Dominica is also upholding its endeavor of becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation, building sustainable infrastructure with the help of its trusted developer, like the MMC Development Ltd., a Dubai-based company that has been closely working with its government since 2015.

“Whether it’s culinary excellence, solar eclipses, night trains, new national parks, rewilding initiatives, ancient wonders revisited or cultural landmarks, we’ve curated some of the best travel destinations for the next 12 months. From Canada, the US and Argentina to Sierra Leone, Sikkim, Australia and beyond, the world is represented in all its full glory,” Pat Riddell, editor of National Geographic Traveller (UK), said in a press release.

“The Cool List 2024 also has a strong focus on the UK and Europe, with almost half the entries offering our readers easy access to some of the world’s most alluring destinations close to home,” Riddell added.

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