CEO lauds Demerara Bridge project as a “heyday” for jobseekers

The head chief of a regional recruitment service is lauding the many direct and indirect job opportunities set to become available due to the ongoing Demerara River Bridge construction project, noting that jobseekers should take advantage of this heyday of opportunities.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is a market-leading digital talent acquisition service that aims to connect the top talent from the Caribbean with hiring managers, HR professionals and decision-makers in companies both within the Caribbean as well as abroad. Its CEO, Joseph Boll, said: “This is an amazing opportunity for people of working age in Guyana. This project means hundreds of jobs for residents, and in more fields than just construction too. Even beyond the direct jobs, the success of this project can lead to more indirect jobs, and help to improve the economy overall.”


Notably, Guyana’s economy is experiencing significant growth that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and IOM (International Organization for Migration) have both predicted that the country will need another 160,000 in the months ahead just to keep pace with the exponential growth expected to continue. This is not to mention the part-time jobs programme that the Guyanese Government has been rolling out in regions across the country over the past few years, providing even more opportunities for residents to eke out a decent, honest living.  

Boll noted that these are positive signs for Guyana’s local labour market, as there should be ample job opportunities for anyone interested. However, he also encouraged jobseekers to take advantage of online resources like Caribbean Employment Services Inc. to find the best career opportunities to match their skillsets.

“There is more than enough opportunity to go around right now, so jobseekers can certainly be selective in going for the job that’s best suited to their skills and interests,” Boll said. “Online resources like ours can better help you to find that perfect job match and be among the first to apply, helping to increase your chances of successfully getting your preferred role.”

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