Child Protection Programing progresses in the Kalinago Territory

The Ministry of Environment, Rural Modernization, Kalinago Upliftment and Constituency Empowerment in collaboration with the Child Abuse Prevention Unit of the Ministry of Health & Social Services continues its efforts in the area of child care and protection in the Kalinago Territory.

Over the past few months, the Ministries have collaborated in building strong families and creating awareness on the issue of child care and protection through various programs. These  have included parenting programs for residents of Sineku, Mahaut River, Gaulette River, Salybia, St. Cyr, Bataca and Crayfish River. Thus far over 100 individuals have completed these parenting programs. Presently, parenting programs are ongoing for residents of Atkinson, Antrizzle and Concorde, which is expected to culminate in the second week of May. At the end of these programs a total of 166 individuals which includes 55 men, would have completed these parenting trainings in the Kalinago Territory. At the end of every training period certificates and other gifts are presented to the participants.

Other child protection activities conducted in the community includes consultation with various community leaders and educational sessions with students and teachers of the various primary schools.

The Ministries will continue its collaborative efforts with further training over the next few weeks and months in the area of psychosocial support for children, educational training sessions with students, teachers, sports groups, athletes, farmers and a family day of fun.

The child protection programs and activities are done with the support of the UNICEF Office for the Eastern Caribbean.

The Ministry of Kalinago Upliftment and the Ministry of Social Services remains committed in ensuring that our most vulnerable population are cared for and protected, against all forms of violence and that our adults are empowered in order to build strong families and communities, thereby creating a safer and happier Dominica for all.

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