Climax of Liquid Gold

It was a Liquid Gold Feast for the eyes and the palette, and close to 2 000 fired-up patrons turned out at Ilaro Court on Sunday night to savour the last event of what was said to be the biggest Barbados Food & Rum Festival to date.

From early in the evening, “foodies” dressed up to the nines began to converge on the venue, the official residence of the Prime Minister, for the climax of the four-day festival. An air of excitement and anticipation pervaded the atmosphere as the snaking line of patrons moved quickly towards the entrance of the gaily-decorated expansive tent where the gala food and rum extravaganza was staged. Many patrons arrived well ahead of the 7 p.m. start.

It was a night when talented and award-winning Barbadian chefs showed off their prowess, creating innovative culinary treats and delectable dishes, putting an exotic twist to familiar Bajan foods.

Food station after food station, all set up on one side of the perimeter of the large dance area, saw clusters of patrons eagerly awaiting their turn to savour the offerings.