Coastal officials battling to remove sand from Careenage

For the second time in about six years, marine and coastal officials have been working to remove the build-up of sand at the mouth of the Careenage.

However, since the dredging began late last year, director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit Dr Leo Brewster said they have ensured the area remained accessible.

“The Coastal Zone Management Unit has been working with the port [Barbados Port Inc.] to see how the slow accumulation of sand could have been addressed. We’ve also been working with a contractor to have the land dredged from the area to ensure that the mouth of the Careenage is still freely accessible.

“That work has been progressing really well, and we are now at the stage where the majority of the area has been cleared and dredged. I think they are looking to finish the work by the end of February,” Brewster said yesterday.  (TG)

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