Commonwealth Parliamentary Association hosts post-election seminar for Parliamentarians in Dominica

During the course of the next two days, June 7th and 8th 2023, parliamentarians across Dominica will attend a post-election seminar facilitated by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

According to the Speaker of the House, Honorable Joseph Isaac, the seminar will focus on two major objects. Firstly, it will provide members with an in-depth understanding of parliamentary practices and procedures. Secondly, it will equip the new and returning parliamentarians with the necessary skills to legislate, scrutinize and give parliamentary oversight. Isaac further stressed that the two-day seminar will aid in strengthening the bonds of parliamentarians across the island.

Moreover, Secretary-general of the Commonwealth of Nations, Baroness Patricia Scotland made an address at the opening ceremony of the seminar. She voiced that the duty of parliamentarians to their constituents is a privilege and the responsibility as a parliamentarian is profound. “You are living, breathing expression of democracy from day to day and you are the primary protector of its process, culture and institutions. Through your role in crafting and improving legislation and your responsibilities in policy making and oversight, you can have a decisive impact on the story of Dominica and the destiny of our people,” she added.

Stephen Twigg, 8th secretary-general of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association also congratulated the new and returning parliamentarians on their success at the December 2022 elections. He emphasized that mutual learning lies at the heart of the mission of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. “Partnerships is vital to our workers at the CPA and it is critical to your work as parliamentarians,” he pointed out. As the seminar continues, several speakers of the CPA will address the parliamentarians with the hope that they emerge as more effective legislators and debaters in Parliament.

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