Condolences from the DLP on the death of BWA employee

The DLP issued the following statement of condolence from its President Dr Ronnie Yearwood on the death of Barbados Water Authority employee Victor Blackman.

On behalf of the Democratic Labour Party family, I offer my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Victor Blackman, an employee of the Barbados Water Authority, and St Peter resident, who tragically lost his life yesterday, in a fatality in Boscobelle, St Peter. I share in the sadness that resonates across the community because of this unfortunate loss of life.

Daily, Victor Blackman ensured Barbadians had access to clean water, an often overlooked function. Nonetheless, one that improves the quality of life for Barbadians. Throughout his work across Barbados, Victor reached many of its citizens and brought much-welcomed relief to those without water. An everyday hero, the Democratic Labour Party salutes him for his service.

The Democratic Labour Party family wishes Rohan Wilkinson, driver of the BWA tanker involved in the collision, a full and speedy recovery. (PR)