Cops to join CXC probe

THE police Counter-Terrorism & Organised Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC) is set to be called in to probe the leak of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Mathematics Paper 2 examination, which was written on Wednesday, May 17.

Days after news broke that the exam paper had been leaked before the sitting, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) pointed to Jamaica as the source of the breach despite initial claims that it had occurred in Guyana.

At that time, CXC registrar and Chief Executive Officer Dr Wayne Wesley said: “The security measures that CXC has put in place have led to us to locating the country as Jamaica and the examinations centre there where the leak originated.”

But Wesley refused to name the centre, or even the parish in Jamaica, where the leak occurred.

On Wednesday, senior officials of Jamaica’s Ministry of Education said they were unable to comment on the matter, which was still being investigated, but indicated that an update should be provided by the Overseas Examinations Commission (OEC) shortly.

While up to press time there was no word from the OEC, Jamaica Observer sources said that this should become a police matter in a matter of days.

“C-TOC will be called in and every effort will be made to determine the source of the breach, because this is being treated as a serious matter,” said an Observer source close to the OEC.

According to the source, it is hoped that the investigation will be done quickly and an example made of the individuals involved in the leak of the examination paper.

Late last month, the OEC issued a release in which it condemned what it described as, “The unscrupulous behaviour that has led to the cancellation of the [maths] paper two exam,” and said it was reviewing and evaluating “the regrettable situation to prevent a recurrence”.

According to the OEC, “A thorough investigation is under way as we remain relentless in the pursuit of truth surrounding this unfortunate development. Appropriate actions will be taken against the responsible parties.”

Despite the leak of the paper CXC decided that candidates would not be required to resit the 2023 CSEC Mathematics Paper 2 examination.

CXC said the final grade for the examination will be awarded using a modified approach. It announced that the related school based assessment (SBA) and the Paper 1 results would be used to determine a final grade for students who sat the exam this year.

“The OEC takes this opportunity to remind all candidates about the importance of ethical behaviour and the potentially life-changing consequences of dishonesty. The actions of those who obtained a copy of the test have undermined the hard work and dedication of students and teachers who have dedicated years of preparation to this examination.

“The impacted students will never know the true results of their efforts and sacrifices and are indeed victims of the poor choices of a wayward few,” said the OEC as it vowed to continue improving its systems and processes.

“Those who attempt to jeopardise the future of our region’s youth will be held accountable,” declared the OEC.