Court knocks gun handlers

Those who help to hide illegal firearms or facilitate their movement are as much a danger to society as the actual gunmen.

So declared Justice Laurie-Ann Smith-Bovell as she sentenced self-confessed gunman Baggio Elson Roberto Roach to a starting point of eight years in jail yesterday in the No. 4 Supreme Court. He will serve a remaining 896 days or two years, 166 days from today.

“The court is of the view that persons who are complicit in hiding firearms and facilitating their movement within communities are as much a danger to citizens as the person who used the said firearm,” the judge said.

“By assisting in their concealment, they provide shelter for lawbreakers, assisting them in perpetuating gun offences and making the solving of crimes more difficult for the police as they make it difficult to trace firearms. The sole mitigating factor is the recovery of the firearm and ammunition.” (HLE)