DAIC Elections 2022 Business Advisory 

The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) cautions all citizens and political parties and supporters to observe the tenets of peaceful exercise of their electoral franchise in the lead up to, and into the general election.

DAIC encourages everyone to adhere to the respective rules and laws to facilitate a safe election process. Additionally, DAIC encourages employers to facilitate employees in providing the necessary time to facilitate voting at the polls on election day. All businesses are encouraged to take the necessary precaution to protect all assets during the election period and upcoming Christmas season as a means of ensuring business continuity.  

DAIC encourages our security forces to be guided by an even-handed approach to law enforcement. This means observing the preservation of peace and the protection of the citizenry, private and public property coupled with freedom of movement whilst respecting the rights of individuals to express themselves as is customary in a democracy. This marriage between responsible advocacy and responsible leadership is vital in order for this country to continue moving forward peacefully and to ensure that the private sector stays confident through the electoral process.

DAIC encourages all to keep informed and updated on the laws, rules and procedures and updates associated with the electoral process provided through the electoral commission through its page http://electoraloffice.gov.dm 

Furthermore, DAIC welcomes the introduction of electoral reform for improvement of the overall electoral process, and encourages participation by all relevant stakeholders in the process. 

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