2022 can be described as one whereby DAPD felt the effects of the myriad of crises and humanitarian challenges of an unprecedented nature which affected the global community, and as it begins a new year, the Board of Directors takes this opportunity to express sincere and profound thanks to our numerous benefactors, associates and partners for the invaluable, tangible and moral support provided and demonstrated which has enabled us to “Remain Standing”!   

Having seen an upgrade of our Development Centre, and the resumption of normal operations, DAPD was prepared at the onset, to introduce and undertake increased activities and provide additional services and programmes to our members during 2022. This proved extremely difficult due to circumstances beyond our control, and the educational, public advocacy and social programmes which form the basis of our development work and which members of the public have become familiar with suffered tremendously.

On-line learning, work from home, webinars and other means of modern technology taught us that persons with disabilities can all be an integral part of this new normal, and during the past year, we were able to get some of our members in tune with this exciting and transformative innovation.

With COVID-19 no longer a major threat, DAPD anticipates that in 2023, to return to our Modus Operandai and activities for the fourth year of its 2020/24 Sustainable and Development Programme which carries the theme” Pursuing Access, Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities through Increased Advocacy” will be heightened.   

2023 holds special significance for us, since we will commemorate and celebrate our 40th Anniversary. This is an event which we plan to observe in a grand way once the environment and means permit.

For the year ahead, and years to come, we will also be positioning and equipping ourselves to take advantage of the many opportunities that will be created, and we have no doubt that the necessary resources needed will be acquired as more Social Partners come on board.  

As the United Nations reminded us during the observance of international Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) 2022, it is time to act and find joint solutions in building a more sustainable and resilient world for all and for the generations to come.

We at DAPD have no doubt, that with your varying forms of support, interest and goodwill, this goal will be achieved.

On behalf of DAPD Board of Directors, Membership and Staff, I extend Best Wishes for a Bright and Prosperous New Year to all citizens of Dominica and look forward to your continued support.

May God bless you and all of us in all our endeavours in 2023.

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