Death Announcement of 67 year old Palestrina Cuffy-Jules better known as ‘Mother’ or ‘Mer’ of Newtown who resided at 35 Virgin Lane

We announce the death of Palestrina Cuffy-Jules better known as ‘Mother’ or ‘Mer’, age 67 of Newtown, who resided at 35 Virgin Lane.

She leaves to mourn:

Her husband: McNeil ‘Dorsett’ Jules

Three children:  Lester Fregiste, Lanell and Shellianne Jules

Grandson:  Dellan Maloone

Brother:  Martindale ‘Phantom’ Charles (St. Thomas)

Sister:  Joan Cuffy

Nephew:  Luther Charles, Thomas Cuffy, Jules Timothy and Ian Alexander

Niece:  Annette Timothy (Antigua)

Grand Niece: Ianna Alexander

Aunts:  Althea Edwards, Norma Cuffy

Cousins: Irving ‘Foxy’ Magloire, Brenda Cuffy, Era Rolle, Desmond Augustine, Pascal Charles(Brazil), Marjorie Charles (Martinique), Cynthia Romain, Michael Remie (causin Mickey), Shekeh

Best Friends: Ophelia Joseph, Shirley Williams

Friends & other families: His Excellency Charles A Savarin and Mrs. Savarin, Mrs. Melissa Poponne Skerrit – Parliamentary Representative for Roseau, Ardella Sorhaindo, Joseanne Rolle, Frances Morancie, Anthia Bertrand, Miss Jean, Marilyn, Joan Severin, Reginald Lander, Jemma Abraham, Dellina Dalrymple, June Gregoire,Tarah Joseph, Jacqueline Jackson, Nesly Joseph, Merlyn Magloire, Martin Walters, Nathanie Green, Dorothy Ballot, Noble Daisy, Avanelle, Kimone George, Gloria Moller, Sandra Peters and Antoinette Davis (England),Dr. Robertson Thomas, Dr Esprit, Dr. Mutiu Olagunju, Dr. George, Delroy Charles, Royston Williams Sr & Family, Rosemarie Carbon, Chico Dejean, Edgar, Imran Gage, Alvin Joseph, Caryl Jno.Baptiste, The Cuffy family in GrandFond & Riviere Cyrique, Fregiste, Jules and George families in Pointe Michel, the Giraud family in Kingshill, The Winston family in Goodwill, Ma Coco and family,The Emanuel, Herbert “Sukie” Winston, Clem Harve, Casimir  & Jules families in Newtown, Jack Robinson & Family, Job Joseph & Family, The Mark, Henry, Jean-Marie & Letang families in Virgin Lane, Fr.Nigel Karam, Monsgr Eustace Thomas, Fr. Charles Martin, Fr. Francis Nwachuku, Monsgr Jno Lewis, Fr. Callistus St.Louis,Fr. Elveau Augustine, Mr. Burton and Staff of L.A Dupigny & Co, Staff of Roseau Health Center, Staff of Dawbiney & Glover Ward, Staff of the Intensive Care Unit, Pastor David & Staff of All Saints University, Staff of J.Astaphans & Co. Ltd, Staff of Cash and Carry, Staff of Sacred Heart Preschool, Members of Thunderbirds Band, Members of the Cathedral Choirs & Parish, Communities of Newtown and Virgin Lane.

The funeral service for the late Palestrina Cuffy-Jules will be held on Monday January 9, 2023 at the Roseau Cathedral Chapel. Viewing at 2:30 and Service at 3:00pm. Followed by Interment at the Roseau Catholic Cemetery.

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