Death Announcement of 69 year old Jackson Philbert Ferrol better known as Bajack or Sling of Moore-Park, Paix Bouche

We announce the death of Jackson Philbert Ferrol better known as Bajack or sling, age 69 of Moore-Park, Paix-Bouche. He died on Saturday 3rd June 2023 at the Portsmouth R.F.A Hospital.

He will be remembered by:

Five Brothers: Shelly in Moore-Park, Mathew in Dublanc, Andrew ‘Sonny Boy’ in St. Thomas, Bernard ‘Beno’ in Trinidad and Johnny in Dos D’Ane

Four Sisters: Lornise in Providence, Veronica ‘Baby’, Lucy and Juliet in St. Maarten

One Brother-in-Law: Myron Brandy

Four Sisters-in-Law: Albertine, Rose, Maria and Marie-Theresa Ferrol

Twenty-Four Nephews: Jefferson, Mckelson, Ferril, Kelly, Johnathan, Scotten, Kareem, Leo, Shawn , Sherad, Cyrus , Joel , Lee and Augustus Ferrol, Martin Royer, Jones George, Foster Mathew, Leonard Bontiff, Ken Connor, Nathaniel Carty, Irvin William, Martin, Sonoy and Michelle Francois

Seventeen Nieces: Hermina John, Aldith Bontiff, Corinthia Mathew, Dia Francois, Annie Carrette, Cindy and Julie Williams, Laura, Girly, Shala, Mahalia, Safra and Skitta Ferrol, Marisa Dominique, Andrea, Tidoy, Melanie  

Ninety-three grandnieces and nephews names too numerous to mention.

Close family: Janet, Clara, Jeannet and Natalie Ferrol. Thomas Casimir and Family in Salisbury, Matthew & Madura Walter and family, Amos and Sherms, Marie and Samora Massicot, Joso, Ceasarina, Justina, Mary and Marie Ferrol, Blanka Familia, Charlesbert John, Judith Francois, Alix Mathew

Friends: The Men on the Block by Marie, The Corner Shop and Harrold, the entire village of Paix-Bouche and Dos D’Ane, including Vanessa, Ruth and Valina Paul, Gus and Tino Edwards, Felina George, Nurse Miranda, Doctor Timbi Wallace, Davina Dupigny, Eunica Anthony, Emo, BayBay and Malick Anselm, Hendriks Holsborough, Symbert Lewis, Mondy Thomas, Bryson and Wallace Willaims, Maria Matthew, Merline Joseph in France, Rosemond and Osborne in St. Thomas, Gerald Bontiff and family, Ma bay, Benoit and A Ci Quette’ in Moore Park, Roseline Paul, Paix-Bouche Dos D’Ane village council Parliamentary Representatives from Paix-Bouche and Portsmouth.

All the Doctors and Nurses of the R.F.A Hospital and the entire Communities of Thibaud, Bense, Borne, Portsmouth, Dublanc and Salisbury.

Other Friends and family names too numerous to mention.

The body of the late Jackson ‘Barjack’ Ferrol will be viewed at the Paix Bouche Roman Catholic Church on Saturday 17th of June 2023 at 1:00 pm.  The funeral service takes place at 2:00 pm followed by interment at the Paix Bouche Public Cemetery.

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