Dominicans will go to the polls on December 6 for snap elections

Dominicans will go to the polls on December 6th after Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit called a snap general elections.

“I shall lead a new-look Dominica Labour Party into fresh general elections that will be held at the soonest possible time. I want the year 2023 to begin with a fresh mandate, given to a fresh Labour team, to commence the work of building post-COVID Dominica,” said Skerrit In a radio and television broadcast.

Skerrit, who advocated for a national reset, stated that he has no intention of remaining in power beyond April 2025.

“You’ve granted me the authority to remain in office until April 2025. I have no intention of staying past that date. I’ve run my race, and I plan to cross the finish line with Dominica safely reestablished on the path to sustained progress and prosperity. Therefore, I propose a national reset,” he explained.

He added that he intends to stay for another two and a half years, but a number of his coworkers concur that the time for renewal is now.

Skerrit also said he had met with President Charles Savarin for the dissolution of the Parliament.

“I met with His Excellency the President and advised that he dissolves the current Parliament of this country effective immediately. I have asked that a fresh writ be issued on Monday, 7th November 2022 for the holding of general elections in the Commonwealth of Dominica. “

Meanwhile, the opposition’s interim leader, Francisca Joseph, has yet to convene a delegate’s conference.

“We need their ideas, their suggestions, and their tactics as we take this country ahead for everyone’s benefit,” said Joseph.

Last month leader of the opposition Lennox Linton resigned from the United Workers Party.

Nomination Day would be on November 18.

In 2019, the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) won an 18-3 victory in the general election.

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