Double Invasion- Dominica’s first Twin Fes  val

Roseau, Dominica: Imagine seeing sets of twins or mul ples everywhere; now that’s a double take!

On December 2, 2023, this double-vision spectacle will become a reality with the first-ever Twin Fes val to be staged at the Old Mill Cultural Center.

The first of its kind in Dominica, the fes val which will be held on the heels of Na onal Twins Day —December 18—will bring together dozens of twins and mul ples from across the island to showcase and celebrate their uniqueness and twin-ness.

Leandra Lander, the crea ve mind behind the fes val said, the event will not only serve as a celebra on but will be a common ground to address challenges facing twins and triples and parents of mul ple births.

“Throughout the years, I have been inspired and fascinated by the many twins in Dominica,” Lander posited. “However, I believe at mes we underes mate that what makes them unique can be taken for granted. Hence, the onus is not only on the medical community but the general public to understand the twins and other mul ples in our mix.”

As such, the two-part event will also feature a symposium on November 29, 2023, which is expected to feature interna onal and local twin specialists, twin

medical experts, twin psychologists, and authors who will share their passionate views and insights about the world of twins and challenges that they and their families face.

Cognizant of the increased risks for complica ons associated with mul ple births, Lander revealed that proceeds from the event will be donated to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital (DCFH) to aid in the quality of care provided to babies in that facility.

The event which will take on a brunch-style feel will include look-alike contests, talent shows from the twins and other mul ples, a photo gallery, Dominica’s oldest and youngest twins and much more.

Whilst the Twin Fes val is open to the public, twins and other mul ples are encouraged to register via the link h ps:// be able to par cipate in the twins related ac vi es and to be included in the official count.

Lander sounded an appeal to the business community and other poten al sponsors to support the worthy cause. She further averred, although the event will be staged in Dominica, twins, and other mul ples from across the region are encouraged to join the fes vity.

“Lovelee Things presents the fes val that makes you see double, double the fun, double the excitement, and double the enchantment. Come be part of the double invasion at the Old Mill Cultural Center on December 2, 2023, as we celebrate our mul ples.”

For more informa on please contact Leandra Lander at 1(767)2458483 or via the commi ee’s email address at dominicatwinfes

Lovelee Things is a growing business based in Dominica, which specializes in event decor and the personaliza on of gi s and accessories. The business has been in existence for over 10 years and had a formal rebranding four years ago to reflect the growth of the dynamic brand.

As a business, we make it our priority to assist our Dominican community through contribu ons to impac ul en es and causes such as in the Dominica Cancer Society, The Dominica PCOS Associa on, local pageants, ELEVATE radio show and various high school gradua ons and projects.

CEO Leandra Lander is a Geography Educator, former Miss Dominica and Caribbean Queen pageants’ tle holder.

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