Family loses all in fire

Only the dog, Emily, was saved and efforts were on to find accommodation for a family of six whose home and all its contents went up in flames on Sunday morning.

Sherry-Ann Seale clutched the pet in her arms as she recounted the sight that greeted her when she made her way home from work.

“I was on my way home and a man in a ZR told me he see a house in Passage Road burning and I said ‘I hope it’s not mine’,” Seale said at the scene. “It looked like the bond was burning but when I got here I saw it was the house. I was shocked. I’ve been living here all my years since I was born. I wasn’t able to save anything,” she said.

Sherry-Ann Seale clutches family dog, Emily, as MP for St Michael West, Chris Gibbs, speaks to the media. (Picture by Reco Moore)

“At least the dog was saved; thank God for that. That stopped me from crying. At least my grands (grandchildren) and my mum are here with me,” she said, a bit relieved.

Her mother, Beatrice Seale, said she has been living in the home since 1968. She made breakfast, turned off all appliances and left for service at the White Park Wesleyan Holiness Church. (Nation News)