Family of Missing Marion is offering a reward

We, Fanny and Alain Hermier, after an initial trip to Dominica in March and April, have been back on the island for three weeks, in order that our presence provides support to the searches underway to find our daughter Marion who has been missing since February 5th.

Deeply impressed by the beauty of this island when she discovered it in January, Marion did everything necessary to return in February in order to hike the Waitukubuli trail. A few reliable testimonies have enabled us to retrace her path until February 6th, but there are no indications after that date… Everything leads us to believe that something went wrong for her on the island, since she would have made contact before the end of February, if she had had the means to do so. Since no trace of Marion has been found in this abundant nature, we cannot neglect the possibility of a bad encounter.

We would first like to express our sincere gratitude for everything that has been done for nearly 3 months, by both Dominica and France. Even though the concrete official actions took a long time to organize, we are grateful that cooperation was able to be established, notably for the latest expedition on May 12, 13 and 14, together with the French gendarmes, Dominican police officers, firemen, and guides, approximately fifty experienced men, assisted by a helicopter from Guadeloupe.

Unfortunately, despite the human support and engagement, the technical means employed by France and Dominica, these well organized searches in the field did not allow any trace of Marion to be found. After months of active searches by many volunteers, friends, family members and professionals, the leads to be explored in nature along this magnificent trail are

diminishing. We are hoping for everyone’s cooperation in order that the judicial investigations may continue and lead us to Marion.

Our message is the following : a reward will be attributed to anyone who is able to give pertinent and dependable, new information allowing Marion to be found.

Having been in Dominica for several months, we are aware of how deeply the people of this island are affected and dismayed by Marion’s disappearance. We have received a great deal of help and compassion and are extremely touched and grateful.

In despair that the investigations have not yet been successful, we are counting on everyone’s cooperation to shed light on the mystery of Marion’s disappearance.

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