Father heartbroken over daughter’s death

Tragedy struck the quiet neighbourhood of Heddings, St Philip, early yesterday when the bodies of a mother and her daughter were discovered in the ashes of a house fire.

Initial reports of the missing pair gave way to the grim news that Kim-Marie Greenidge and her eight-year old daughter Nazariah Greenidge – a pupil of Christ Church Primary School – had perished in the blaze that destroyed their home and a vehicle.

It was the third fatal fire in a month and the second in St Philip in two weeks.

A heartbroken Rodney Tempro, father of Nazariah, choked up while speaking about the tragedy.

“It is really hurting. I will always cherish the nice times we had together, but it is a real hurting deep within right now. I will try my best to overcome (that pain) and give praise and thanks for the time that I had with her,” he said after regaining his composure.

The 48-year-old mechanic, of Six Roads, St Philip, and Silver Hill, Christ Church, said he first heard the news of his daughter’s passing from a friend who called around 10:30 a.m., hours after the fire, but was doubtful until he checked the news a little later and became aware of the awful truth.

The father of two described his daughter, who celebrated her birthday last month, as “very bright”, adding that they especially enjoyed the beach and picnics.