Party promoter Robert “Lyga Boss” Blake (left) and his son Roshaun Blake (right) of Tivoli Gardens, west Kingston, prepare to feed homeless people as part of their annual Christmas feeding programme, along King Street, downtown Kingston, on Christmas Eve.

The initiative began eight years ago when his daughter, then seven, became concerned about how homeless people were roaming the street of Kingston & St Andrew without food, and urged her dad to cook for them.

She even suggested that she would donate a portion of her daily lunch money to the venture. By later that year, Blake started the activity with other donors, but by the second year they all backed down, citing budgetary challenges, and he, with support from his mother overseas, was forced to do it alone. “It gives me joy to be feeding the homeless,” Blake told the Jamaica Observer.

“I wish that other people will get involved so that more of the homeless and others in need of food can benefit.”

(Photo: Karl Mclarty)

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