Fishermen urged to remove boats from water

Fishermen and boat operators, who have not yet done so, are being urged to take their vessels to safe harbour, as Barbados prepares for the passage of Tropical Storm Tammy.

Chief Fisheries Officer of the Fisheries Division, Dr Shelly-Ann Cox, said they may take the vessels to the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex or to Port St Charles for safe keeping.

She added that those who needed the assistance of the tractor operator may also contact the Fisheries Division at 535-5800.

Cox thanked those who had already complied with the instruction to take their vessels to safe harbour, given deteriorating sea conditions with the passage of Tropical Storm Tammy.

A high surf advisory and small craft warning remains in effect for the island, given the potential for large open water swells which could be hazardous to some vessels.

A high surf advisory is issued when breaking wave action poses a threat to life and property in the surf zone within a 48-hour period.  A small craft advisory is issued when sustained winds of 20 to 25 knots and or sea swells of between eight and 10 feet are affecting, or forecast to affect the marine area within the next 48 hours. (BGIS)