FLA launches national campaign in enforcing call to turn in prohibited weapons

Following the official gazetting of The Firearm (Prohibition, Restriction and Regulation) Act, 2022, the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) is proceeding to launch its national campaign to throw support behind the enforcement and public awareness surrounding the 2022 Act.

Core to the campaign is the promotion of the new laws under the 2022 Act, particularly the heightened promotion of the penalties of the 2022 Act, including but not limited to the sanctions against the possession, manufacturing, trafficking and stockpiling of prohibited weapons. Under the 2022 Act, tougher penalties have been enacted to include life imprisonment for stockpiling, trafficking and manufacturing of firearms and lengthier prison sentences for possession of prohibited weapons.

The new Act “reflects the Government’s commitment to deal effectively with illegal firearms,” said Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang.

As the 2022 Act comes into force, the national campaign will highlight the transformational changes that are taking place at the FLA. The Government agency, in its bid to promote transparency and to support the governing Act, has implemented new measures that will aid the Ministry of National Security in fulfilling its mandate in tackling the surge of crime and violence, and also demonstrate clearer and more impactful systems in place for the issuing and governance of legal firearms.

In acknowledging the long-anticipated need for the repeal and replacement of the Firearm Act, 1967, CEO of the FLA Shane Dalling explained the rationale for a campaign of this nature: “The 2022 Firearm Act is a monumental piece of legislation which the FLA gives its full support. We are launching this national campaign to assist the Ministry of National Security in its bid to clamp down on the growing issue of illegal weapons and its impact on Jamaica’s crime rate. Most importantly, there is a considerable need for public education on what the law is, how it will be enforced, how these offences affect all of us and how the FLA is here to help through the restructuring of our operations.”

The FLA is an agency of the Ministry of National Security that streamlines and standardises the granting, renewal and revocation of firearm licences. It serves to modernise and regulate the licensing of firearms in Jamaica in keeping with worldwide standards.

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