Funding a concern for some parents

Some parents are not sold on Government’s proposal to introduce junior colleges of excellence.

They are also not convinced by the response of officials that they are unaware of how much may have to be borrowed for the education reform process or how much the transformation will cost.

However, Director of Education Reform, Dr Idamay Denny, said going into debt for education will be a great investment because the goal is to reduce several ills, assist at-risk families and help young people to succeed.

She was responding to several queries from stakeholders who attended the latest Public Consultation On The Proposals for Education Transformation at Deighton Griffith Secondary School on Wednesday night.

“If the Government has to borrow through its nose to make sure that those young people have the chance of a bright future, then it is good debt. To my mind, it does not matter how much it costs, as long as it addresses the needs of all of our children,” Denny said.   (TSG)