Gov’t alone cannot take the blame

PEOPLE’S National Party Member of Parliament for St Catherine North Western Hugh Graham says the crisis of violence and lawlessness now facing Jamaica is home-grown and cannot be blamed on the Government alone.

“Our actions matter and they shape the world our children grow up in. Let’s not be blind to the truth, we, the adults, are the architects of this reality. We expose our youth to adult themes prematurely, sexualise their innocence and expose them to behaviours that don’t align with our cultural heritage. The blame cannot solely rest on the shoulders of our Government. We must look inward and recognise our part in shaping the future we’re witnessing,” Graham said in a recent post on one of his social media platforms.

Prefacing his comments by saying he was unable as a representative of the people to “stay silent any longer”, Graham said “our beautiful nation is facing a grave crisis that transcends politics. It’s about our shared responsibility for the future of Jamaica”.

“The lack of respect for human life that we witness today is deeply distressing. We must recognise that this crisis starts within our homes, our communities and our schools. It’s a reflection of the values we instil in our children, the examples we set for them and the environment we create for their growth,” the businessman and philanthropist stated.

Graham, who was elected to the House of Representatives on a PNP ticket in September 2020, is however adamant that ‘Jamaica’s transformation cannot be achieved by legislation alone’.

“It requires a collective effort, a unified commitment to change the narrative. Today I beseech every Jamaican to take a stand, in your homes, your neighbourhoods and your schools. Let’s teach our children respect, empathy and love. Let’s protect their innocence and guide them toward a path of righteousness,” Graham appealed.

In expressing hope that the country experience transformation in 20 years, Graham said while the journey would be no mean feat it must be taken on.

“By investing in our people now we sow the seeds of a brighter tomorrow. Imagine waking up to a Jamaica where respect for life is paramount, where our children thrive in an environment of positivity and hope,” he said.