Hanover medical officer warns against NCDs, STD increase in parish

LUCEA, Hanover – Amidst an increase in noncommunicable chronic diseases in Hanover, the medical officer of health for this parish, Dr Kaushal Singh, is encouraging residents of Hanover to get a medical checkup.

Dr Singh, who did not give comparative data, made the revelation during a presentation to the monthly general meeting of the Hanover Municipal Corporation last Thursday.

“Every month we are diagnosing new cases of noncommunicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Our numbers are increasing,” stated Dr Singh.

“This is the silent killer so many people are walking on the road having diabetes and hypertension and they don’t know, so this is the time [to] go to the nearest health facility and get your checks done. It is available,” urged Dr Singh.

In the same vein, the medical officer also used the opportunity to encourage the public to get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) status check-up.

Dr Singh said since the start of the year some eight cases of HIV infection have been recorded.

“This is from community dwellers. So this is important to get a status check because if an individual knows his status, the chances of it developing can be prevented by putting them on anti-retroviral on time,” pointed out Dr Singh.

The medical officer noted that while most health centres in the parish are equipped to do testing, all will be capable by the end of the month.

Further, he said there is a team of trained physicians, social workers, adherence counsellors, psychologists, and treatment and care support officers available at the Lucea Health Centre to provide comprehensive care for HIV-positive clients.