inDrive urges passengers to use safety features, provide feedback

inDRIVE, the fastest-growing mobility and urban services platform in Jamaica, is urging passengers and drivers to partner with them to ensure greater safety during rides by using the safety features within the app and providing feedback.

According to inDrive, while the company’s main goal is to deliver rides with fair prices, the emphasis on safety has become the driving force to protect the interests of both passengers and drivers using the service.

In a release sent to the media on Monday, the transport company said it wants drivers and passengers to be certain that during every ride they are protected by technology and supported by a team of dedicated individuals.

“The global mobility and urban services platform has a robust track record of enabling safe rides, where 99.9 per cent of the trips powered by the app worldwide are completed without any incident. Nevertheless, the company handles any and all security issues with absolute seriousness and, as such, implements strong security features through technology.

“Jamaica and its communities are close to our hearts, because the country and its people have received inDrive with open arms. We are committed to facilitating a safe experience for all of our users and that is why we harness the power of technology to make sure that every person travels safely, protected by innovative tools,” said Kevin Lamas, inDrive Ride Hailing Country Manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

According to Lamas, in Jamaica inDrive has 12 security features for both passengers and drivers.

For Drivers:

• Destination preview: The driver knows the destination in advance. If the driver deems a city district to be unsafe, he or she can reject the ride without any penalties.

• Alert notification: Orders from risk areas are not permitted.

• Logging of all trips: All rides within the app are tracked and recorded by internal systems.

• Information preview: The driver can preview the name and the in-app rating and experience of potential passengers, to make more informed decisions.

• Active ban: Based on ratings and reviews, inDrive constantly monitors customer feedback and bans problematic users from the app.

For passengers & drivers:

• Driver verification: inDrive has a specialised team that manually and digitally verifies each of the documents requested for driver registration. Services can only be provided by drivers whose identification documents have been fully validated.

• Information preview for passengers: Users can preview the name and both the in-app rating and experience of potential drivers, as well as their past reviews.

• Active detection: inDrive requests regular photo control of vehicles – drivers have to send a picture of the car they are using, so that the app can verify that it matches with the one declared when submitting a profile.

• Real-time location: All rides on the platform are geolocated. This feature allows everyone to share their trip with family and friends while the ride is ongoing.

• Emergency button: The Shield icon feature of the application allows users, both drivers and passengers, to immediately contact local emergency services, if needed.

• Avatar check: Smart systems check all photos of users to exclude potentially sensitive, commercial or dangerous content.

• In-app chat: To protect privacy, the app enables a chat for users to connect internally.

Further, inDrive said it calls on everyone who uses the app to empower themselves and join them in making every trip a safe ride.