‘It was glorified on social media’

“WE talk to our children about education and the importance of it but it’s taking a while so we are trying to re-socialise them,” said Daintylee Myers, guidance counsellor at Central High School in Clarendon.

“During the almost three years that the students were out [because of COVID-19], they heard songs [as well as] people talking about being ‘fully dunce’ because it was glorified on social media,” she said.

But she made it clear that it would not be taken to Central High, where she has been a guidance counsellor for 14 years.

“Whenever we see anything surfacing we try to put in intervention programmes to mitigate the effects of whatever may be coming up in the society to try and stem the ripple effects because we don’t want it to take root here,” she said.

“We may also need to put together a handbook with some basic guidelines as to how to go about raising our children, and I’m speaking from an informed, perspective based on what we see manifesting in the school from our children,” said Myers.