Jason Grogg, Who is He Really? By his wife Jennifer Grogg

Painted as a vicious criminal, Jason Grogg has been slandered and his character maligned. Would it surprise you to know, that is not who he is? The man I married almost 20 years ago, can light up a room with his smile. He can make the most uncomfortable person feel at ease and bring laughter out in any situation. His work ethic is unparalleled and if he puts his mind to it, he can make almost anything and figure out the toughest challenge. This isn’t something he keeps to himself. One of his greatest desires is to teach others what God has blessed him with. Often, when he’s helping a friend with a project, you’ll hear him teaching and training those around him as he works.

 It’s been said that Jason is too smart and too skilled for his own good. That he’s too nice and too trusting. I disagree. Anything less and Jason would not be the man God made him to be. He loves his Lord and loves the people around him. He has a deep heart longing for the Dominican people, young and old alike. There aren’t many in the Mahaut village that Jason hasn’t waved “hello” to with a full smile on his face.

This is the man I followed to Dominica almost a year and a half ago. We left our home, our family, and our friends to bring the love of Jesus to all of you. And while our family has recently been targeted and viciously prosecuted, we’ve never been more sure of God using us to further His Kingdom. We are going through a fiery trial right now, but for His glory, we will come out refined. We will come out stronger than when this started. Satan is trying to destroy our family and the message of Christ, but he will not succeed.

Jason and I have been through many valleys and on mountaintops during our 20 years of marriage.  After each valley, God brought us out stronger. I know He’s going to do that again because that’s who He is. I plan on walking the road out of this deep valley, side by side with my husband, leading our children by example. God gave me to Jason as his helpmate. That is my place of honor.

I realize he’s not perfect. None of us are. But we are called, as children of God, to be merciful, as He is merciful; to be compassionate, extending grace as Christ does. I have seen that here, towards my family by a select few, and unfortunately, I have also seen the opposite. Some blindly believe what they are told or what they read. There are those who carelessly pass on the slander and gossip, creating something even worse than what it was. This does not honor God.

As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord. My children and I will wait patiently while God works in this situation. And as we wait, Jason Grogg is telling the inmates and the guards all about Jesus Christ, the Savior who died to take away the sins of the world.

Christ or Chaos,

Written by wife Jennifer Grogg

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