Job Vacancy – Call Center Senior Manager (On-Site)

Call Center Senior Manager 

This role is located in Roseau, Dominica.  Open to Dominican nationals only.  This role will be responsible for establishing and continued management of our office in Roseau. 

Under the direction of the VP of Operations, this role’s primary responsibility is to plan, coordinate, implement, and direct high operational delivery across multiple client BPO Call Center accounts by managing people and metrics on site. This position takes an active role operationally and has direct client interaction and a high level of people management and understanding of metrics. This role will work in our office in Roseau overseeing day-to-day operations of client accounts and will have direct reports. 

This posting is open until filled. Apply early for consideration.

Essential duties and responsibilities: 

Manage defined operational services including planning, development, implementation, and maintenance for one or more accounts and the internal Agents and Team Leads associated with those accounts. 

Recruit, hire, and train new agents 

Facilitate effective and appropriate communications internally and with the clients 

Manage on-site office space, including technology and facilities upkeep 

Develop and maintain client rapport and ensure client satisfaction  

Analyze individual, team and program/account performance regularly, perform root cause analysis and develop corrective action plans. 

Develop, grow, and maintain employee experience, capability, morale, and job satisfaction 

Maintain a high level of understanding regarding the client(s) and their industry to assist sales staff in identifying new business opportunities 

Communicate regularly and effectively and strategically with internal leadership that may not be onsite regarding performance and areas that are out of compliance with contractual agreements 

Define measurement systems to accurately monitor and report performance metrics and client satisfaction to the client, the company, and our employees.  

Ensure client contract documentation and information is up to date and files are maintained. 

Provide accurate, timely, and professional written, statistical, and verbal reporting/communication to client(s) and internal leadership for historical, current status, and forecasting purposes (including, but not limited to, budgets, pricing, revenue, staffing, training, seating, etc.). 

Maintain a fun and exciting atmosphere to ensure high team morale 

Hire, train, develop, and appraise staff effectively.  

Take corrective action as necessary on a timely basis and in accordance with company policy. Consults with HR (Human Resources) as appropriate. 

Be Dominica’s on-site in-country representative for Elevation Connect. Have a deep understanding of local HR laws and policies. 

Office hours may vary, ideal candidates must be flexible regarding working hours. 

Other duties as assigned 

Education and Experience:   

Minimum 3+ years related team management experience (Call center environment preferred) 

Successful management of multiple projects simultaneously 

Excellent English language communication skills (oral, written) 

Demonstrated ability to develop and implement process enhancements   

Ability to plan, prioritize, organize, and communicate/negotiate effectively  

Experienced in goal setting (defining and prioritizing specific, driving objectives) 

Strong analytical skills, including experience in evaluating current operations and financial, budgetary, business and operational data and outcomes; experience working with workforce management systems preferred 

Background check required 



• Maintains company / department goals for quality monitoring  

• Retains information learned in training 

• Utilizes systems efficiently 

• Provides accurate information to the customer  


• Handles changes constructively 

• Open-minded, willing to try new things 

• Goes with the flow, non-rigid 

• Handles multiple tasks 


• Good interpersonal skills 

• Excellent grammar and diction 

• Good listening skills / controls tone 

• Offers concise and logical presentations 

• Good paraphrasing skills 

• Expresses confidence, assurance and empathy   

• Proficient written communication skills 


• Shares knowledge and ideas 

• Has a positive influence and respects other team members 

• Contributes to team goals and objectives 

• Provides assistance when needed 

• Participates in team efforts and activities 


• Offers to take the lead or help on a project 

• Takes on added responsibilities 

• Self-motivated  

• Readily attends training  

• Demands a lot from themselves and others 


• Identifies challenge areas 

• Resolves problems and concerns 

• One call resolution 

• Sets Goals /Understands the “Big Picture” 

• Takes ownership of the results  


• Balances company and customer concerns 

• Makes quick and confident decisions 

• Takes ownership of resolutions 

• Investigates and communicate escalated issues 

• Utilizes agent empowerment   


• Effectively and appropriately utilize resources 

• Innovative in problem resolution  

• Utilizes but does not misuse authority and empowerment 


• Revises priorities as needed 

• Establishes long- and short-term goals 

• Understands the impact of absenteeism on the team and organization and manages according to policy 


• Able to motivate others to achieve performance goals 

• Assists team members with complex questions in person or via e-mail/chat 

• Sets a good example for their peers (professional dress, language) 


• Contributes to the team and center in terms of new approaches or solutions 

• Uses creativity to promote a positive work environment

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