JPS to install 12 new EV charging stations by year-end

THE Jamaica Public Service (JPS) says it will be installing 12 new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the island by year-end, as the company continues to build out the infrastructure to support the growth of the EV sector.

Senior vice-president of generation Joseph Williams said the company’s vision of an EV charging station within 30 kilometres of anywhere a motorist may be is unfolding.

“We have completed the first phase of our plan with the construction of 10 charging stations across the parishes of Kingston and St Andrew, St James, St Ann, Clarendon, Westmoreland, and Portland. And we are now well underway to adding two each in Westmoreland and Clarendon, plus four more in St Ann, two in Manchester and one in Trelawny. We will also add another charging station to the set in St Andrew,” he disclosed.

According to the JPS, its Charge ‘n Go EV charging stations will bring to 22 the number of public electric vehicle charging stations operated by the company. Several of the charging stations are being constructed in partnership with gasoline retailers, whose sites host the stations. So far, partners have included Boots Gas Station, Texaco and Total. The company said many of its charging stations are capable of recharging EVs at some of the fastest charging rates on the island.

“We are demonstrating our commitment to building out the EV charging infrastructure across the island to ensure that Jamaica is prepared for the inevitable growth in EV ownership,” Williams said.

“More and more persons are embracing the EV technology, as they recognise that it is not only good for the environment, but also that it is cheaper to operate an EV, compared to a regular internal combustion engine vehicle,” he said.

Charging EVs is a cashless transaction, so motorists wishing to use JPS charging stations are asked to download the ChargeLab App and follow the simple steps. In addition to these public charging stations, JPS is also developing private charging stations for commercial enterprises and large developments.