JWN Foundation nears $150 million in scholarships

The J Wray & Nephew Foundation added 364 scholars in 2023 to its revised scholarship programme that began in 2016.

JWN’s investment valued at $23,605,000 for 2023 adds to the unbroken eight-year investment in scholarship of $149, 616, 826.23 through 2,436 bursaries.

The JWN Foundation through its focus on communities surrounding the JWN sites in Kingston, Clarendon, and St Elizabeth, has played a pivotal role in promoting education and investing in the future of Jamaica.

The 2023 scholarship cohort is a diverse and accomplished group, comprising 156 scholastic grants, 146 secondary scholars and 62 tertiary scholars; 10 of whom are special awardees.

Of note is that seven of the 10 students being awarded Master Blender scholarships for excellence in STEM, each valued at $450,000. Additionally, two Humanities Scholarships and one prestigious Chairman’s Award scholarship, intended for an outstanding scholar who has received a top bursary for three consecutive years, are among the notable accolades.

Tanikie McClarthy Allen, CEO of the JWN Foundation, expressed, “This year was a remarkable celebration of achievement and promise. Our 2023 cohort delivered exemplary academic performance, represented themselves, their families, and communities well during the interview process and delivered more than 2,000 hours of voluntary service to economically vulnerably neighbourhoods. We are proud of our students and are steadfast in our commitment to offer educational opportunities – that transform lives and communities for a better Jamaica.”

McClarthy Allen further added, “This year’s Chairman’s Award winners is a stellar example to all our scholars. Dowesha Williams is hardworking under challenging circumstances and has an enviable sense of balance between her personal and professional responsibilities. Dowesha recorded 77 voluntary hours of service at the Race Course Primary School tutoring grades four and 6,” she ended.

Williams, a 23-year-old final year medical student at the University of the West Indies, hails from Race Course in Southern Clarendon. She attests, “Before embarking on my university journey, I had to take a gap year due to financial difficulties. Fortunately, the J Wray and Nephew Foundation has been a lifeline for me. It signifies more than just receiving a scholarship; it’s akin to being embraced by a supportive family. Without the foundation’s unwavering support, I unquestionably would not have reached this pivotal stage in my academic journey.”

The JWN Foundation maintains that it remains committed to the sustainable development of Jamaica, recognising that education serves as a cornerstone for the construction of a prosperous and thriving nation.

Through its benevolent scholarships, the foundation aspires to initiate a ripple effect of positive change, enriching the lives of countless individuals, and contributing significantly to the growth and prosperity of Jamaica.