Lions and friends roar at Denham Town High School

IN a display of community spirit and service, several organisations joined hands to conduct a comprehensive eye and hearing screening initiative at Denham Town High School in Kingston, recently.

This initiative, which was part of Community Service Week 2023, was designed to enhance the well-being and prospects of the students and staff at the school, recognising the vital link between good health and quality education.

The organisations which came together in this collaborative effort included The Lions Club of St Andrew Central, The Lions Club of Portmore, Leo Club of Portmore, Kiwanis Club of New Kingston, Jamaica Society for the Deaf, and other Lions clubs.

They worked alongside the teachers and staff of Denham Town High School, aligning their efforts with the school’s award-winning Reading and Literacy Quality Improvement Initiative.

The importance of this joint endeavour was rooted in the recognition that good health is essential for effective learning. Without clear vision and optimal hearing, students may struggle to absorb information, participate in classroom activities, and engage with their studies. Undiagnosed vision and hearing issues can severely hinder a child’s educational progress.

Over the course of three days 130 students underwent meticulous eye and hearing screenings. The results were not only astonishing but also highlighted the pressing need for further attention and intervention.

Notably, 70 students were identified as requiring more in-depth screening and specialised care. These students have been referred to institutions such as the Lions Club of Kingston’s sight clinic, Jamaica Society for the Blind Low Vision Resource Centre, and the hearing loss clinic at Jamaica Society for the Deaf for further evaluation, treatment, care, surveillance, and support.

Lion Brenda Scarlett played a pivotal role in offering counselling and advice to the students and teachers on proper eye care as she shared essential tips for maintaining eye health.

Recognising the importance of eye health for educators, staff members were also screened, resulting in the issuance of 10 pairs of reading glasses.

The collaborative effort at Denham Town High School is being touted as a powerful testament to the impact of community engagement and partnership in addressing critical health needs and ensuring quality education for children.

Beyond the numbers, this initiative has positively influenced the well-being and prospects of the students at Denham Town High School.

In addition to the screenings, the Lions Club of St Andrew Central, on observing a shortage of first aid supplies at the school, provided essential supplies including gloves, smelling salts, gentian violet, iodine, mercurochrome, and hydrogen peroxide.

These contributions play a vital role in the smooth first aid and emergency readiness at the school, and the overall success of the event.