Main Street, Ocho Rios to be renamed in honour of ‘Butch’ Stewart

THE Ministry of Local Government and Community Development has approved a resolution passed by the St Ann Municipal Corporation for Main Street in Ocho Rios to be renamed in honour of late hotel mogul Gordon “Butch” Stewart.

The resolution, which was read by chief executive officer of the St Ann Municipal Corporation, Jennifer Brown-Cunningham at the recent monthly meeting of the corporation, said:

“And whereas Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart has been a significant employer in Ocho Rios, and whereas Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart has been, through his Sandals Foundation, contributing greatly to the development and benevolence outfit programme, be it resolved that the St Ann Municipal Corporation look to rename Main Street, Ocho Rios in his honour posthumously. We further resolve that this do not interfere in the mailing address but rather add his recognised name as an addition on signposts and street name, and we further resolve that this recognition be forwarded to the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development for approval,” she said.

Councillor for the Ocho Rios Division, Michael Belnavis noted that the renaming will serve as recognition of Stewart’s contribution to the parish.

He stressed that the renaming will not affect those who do business along Main Street.

“Persons who live and operate on the stretch, Main Street, will not have to redo their stationery and so on. However, on the signposts and so on will get an additional component to the top of the sign itself just to have the name on. So it’s just a recognition but it doesn’t affect the economics of the business people and so on the Main Street…so I’m asking that we get the support,” he said.

The business mogul, who died in 2021 at the age of 79, is remembered for building a tourism empire through Sandals Resorts International. He was also honoured with Jamaica’s fourth highest honour, the Order of Jamaica.