Man accused of killing brother over bar bill

LITITZ, St Elizabeth — A man has been arrested after he allegedly used his motor vehicle on Monday to kill his brother following an argument at a bar in this community near the south Manchester/south-east St Elizabeth border.

Police named the dead man as 28-year-old Renroy Francis, a resident and tombstone builder of Lititz district.

A police report said about 10:30 pm the brothers were at the bar when an argument developed over who should foot a bill.

The argument reportedly continued outside the establishment.

Police said the accused used his motor vehicle to hit his brother and fled the scene.

The injured man was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His brother was subsequently held by the police in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

Statistics from the police show that up to November 5, St Elizabeth recorded 34 murders since the start of the year when compared to 19 for the corresponding period last year.

In the neighbouring south-central parish, Manchester, statistics for the same period show that there have been 48 murders so far when compared to 27 for the corresponding period.

— Kasey Williams

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