Man accused of spitting on children’s mom has case settled at mediation

A man accused of spitting on the mother of his children had his case settled through mediation when he appeared in the St James Parish Court on Friday.

Clive Hall, who was charged with common assault, appeared before Presiding Parish Judge Sasha-Marie Smith-Ashley.

In an earlier court appearance the complainant stated that Hall mentally and physically abuses her and that she was sick and tired of him. She also stated that she had obtained a restraining order against him in the Family Court, where they both have pending matters.

However, Hall stated in his defence that the complainant had on several occasions locked the three children alone in the house from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, and would sometimes leave them in the house to attend dances. He said that when he confronted her about it she became hostile and attempted to fight him.

Following a mediation session on Friday he paid the complainant $10,000, with more to be paid by October 15. The total amount he must pay is unknown because those issues were discussed privately during mediation.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge, and a no-order motion was made.

According to court documents the complainant was walking on Cottage Road on July 13 when Hall drove up, stopped beside her, and said something to her. He then parked his car, approached her, pulled the cap she was wearing from her head, and said that he was the one who had bought it.

The complainant crossed the street, and he pursued her, then she felt liquid on her neck.

She asked Hall if he spat on her, to which he replied, “Yes, so what are you going to do?”

The matter was reported to the police and Hall was arrested and charged.

Alleged water pump buyer must pay complainant by October

After purchasing a water pump that had been reported stolen from a farmer in Spot Valley, St James, Alwayne Brown was given until October 2 to compensate the complainant.

He was given more time to pay after telling the St James Parish Court on Friday that his house had been burglarised while he was in custody.

Brown, who hails from a Barrett Town address, is charged with receiving stolen property.

Allegations are that on May 3 Brown was seen in the neighbouring Spot Valley community with a water pump that had been reported as stolen from the complainant’s farm. When confronted by the police he reportedly said, “I saw a man stealing the pump and I told him I could get a buyer for it.”

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

During Friday’s court proceedings it was revealed that Brown was supposed to have started paying the complainant $100,000, the amount originally determined during his last court date on August 9, but he had not done so.

However, Brown told Presiding Judge Sasha-Marie Smith-Ashley that he had recently gained employment and that his house had been broken into prior to his getting bail.

“I just started working at this new site in Falmouth [Trelawny] so I won’t get paid until the next two weeks. When I was in jail they broke into my house and took all my clothes,” said Brown.

“Come back on October 2 with the money, and that is right after you would have got paid,” Smith-Ashley told Brown before extending his bail.