Mandeville heist ‘bordering on terrorism’, says police

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Even as Fitz Bailey, deputy commissioner of police (DCP), revealed that four people, including a woman, have been arrested and $2.5 million recovered following last Friday’s attack on a Beryllium crew in Mandeville, the total amount stolen is yet to be disclosed.

“That attack, which has caught national attention — I just want to point out that we are conducting a high-level investigation in that matter and at this time I can report that we have arrested four persons, including a female,” DCP Bailey said while addressing a press briefing at the Greater Portmore Police Station in St Catherine on Wednesday.

“We have recovered, so far, over $2.5 million,” added Bailey.

He said the incident, which resulted in five people being shot and injured, is akin to terrorism.

“The investigation continues as we seek to bring those who are responsible for that act, which I consider [to be] something that is bordering on terrorism, when you can, at that time of the day — without any form of provocation — fire your weapon carelessly injuring at least five people. Two were seriously injured by that shooting, but we commit as an organisation to ensure that this matter is properly investigated,” he said.

“All those persons who are responsible will be brought to justice. I am confident that it will be done,” he added.

The attack on the Beryllium couriers occurred shortly after 5:00 pm on Friday outside a branch of Scotiabank. Footage, which has gone viral, show men armed with high-powered weapons making their escape with two bags presumably containing cash.

On Saturday, the police said a suspect was apprehended driving one of two vehicles in which it is believed the criminals made their escape.

Police said the suspect was travelling in a black Toyota Wish motorcar, which was intercepted about 1:30 am on Saturday in the vicinity of Sunset Boulevard on the Four Paths main road in Clarendon.

Police said one 9mm magazine, one M16 round, two AK-47 rounds, and a ski mask were found in the vehicle. It is understood that the vehicle, which bore mismatched registration plates, belongs to a resident of Portmore, St Catherine.