Mandeville heist figure still undetermined

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Four days after gunmen attacked a Beryllium crew outside Scotiabank in Mandeville, resulting in five people being shot and injured, it is yet to be determined the amount of money stolen.

“It is still undetermined,” a police source said.

At the same time Beryllium Limited on Monday said it was not aware of any insider or former employee being involved in the heist.

“Contrary to recent media reports, Beryllium Limited is not aware of any official report from the JCF that the shooting and robbery were facilitated and participated in by insider agents and former employees,” a statement from the company said.

The company said it will continue to partner and cooperate with the police in the shooting and robbery investigation. It added that it stands with its staff.

“The company supports its front-line team members who continue to demonstrate courage and unwavering dedication in the face of these heinous attacks which are being carried out by criminal groups,” the statement added.

The incident has caused alarm and concern in the business community of Mandeville, and at least one politician has commented on the matter.

Opposition spokesperson on national security Peter Bunting said the reoccurrence of these heists threatens public safety.

“It is something that we must get on top of because there is a real feeling of insecurity and fear permeating the population as the areas where these daring robberies are taking place expand across Jamaica. It is not just Portmore or Kingston or Montego Bay, it is Mandeville — and basically it could be anywhere in this country — so there is a feeling of heightened insecurity,” he told journalists in Buff Bay on Sunday night.

Footage, which has gone viral, shows men armed with high-powered weapons making their escape with two bags presumably containing cash.

On Saturday the police said a suspect was apprehended driving one of two vehicles in which the criminals are believed to have made their escape.

Police said the suspect was travelling in a black Toyota Wish motor car which was intercepted about 1:30 am on Saturday in the vicinity of Sunset Boulevard, on the Four Paths main road in Clarendon.

Police said one 9mm magazine, one M16 round, two AK-47 rounds, and a ski mask were found in the vehicle. It is understood that the vehicle, which bore mismatched registration plates, belongs to a resident of Portmore, St Catherine.