Mandeville mayor blames wastewater from businesses for damaging road

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Mayor of Mandeville Donovan Mitchell has blamed businesses that discharge wastewater onto a roadway below the Mandeville town centre for its deplorable conditions.

The road, which leads from the town centre to Mandeville Plaza, has been pockmarked with potholes for over a month causing congestion in the south-central town.

“We have a problem there. My officers and I, we have gone out and looked at the problem and I am saying it publicly, too many of the business places are putting their grey water on the street and that is causing that problem there,” Mitchell told last Thursday monthly meeting of the local municipality.

He added that notices are to be served by health inspectors.

“We have spoken to the Ministry of Health and they are supposed to be visiting and serving the relevant notices, but nonetheless what is happening there is delaying traffic in the town centre in that particular area and the road surface is very bad,” said Mitchell.

The mayor told the council that patching is scheduled for this weekend to repair roads in Mandeville.

“The instructions are that this weekend all being well and the [asphalt] plant is up that area [near the town centre] is going to be done and there are some other areas [namely] North Race Course Road, Wesley Road, Wint Road and Newleigh Road,” he said.

“We are saying to the citizens just bear with us, we have been having more rains than normal, so a number of other roadways are impacted,” he added.

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